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Latest From Kristin – March 24Th

Bandar Ceme OnlineMore Four-Play: Just what you wanted (no?) a new four letter word that will be revealed in two weeks which is very important. If you want to play along, here goes: This word has no A’s, one E, and as of episode 11 it will be clear that this four-letter word is what

Secrets From The Set

Thanks to Iceman, Flyer and John for the heads up. 1. Under Pressure: ΓÇ£I donΓÇÖt think ΓÇÿpanicΓÇÖ is the right word,ΓÇ¥ says Damon Lindelof of co-writing the highly anticipated premiere with fellow executive producer Carlton Cuse, ΓÇ£but it was like, ΓÇÿHow do we do this?ΓÇÖΓÇ¥ The producers have said that time traveling through the ΓÇÖ70s

Ew Podcast Summary

Bandar Ceme OnlineThanks very much to Peewee for the summary from the EW Podcast with Damon. – Possibility of more “storms” will be happening. Storm is a metaphor– ‘The Package’ is related to Sun/Jin sideways– Carlton said Kate’s horse wasn’t MIB after Damon joked about it.– They confirmed there were other people before Richard, hence