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Francois Chau Interview

Bandar CemeThanks to http://llegaronparaquedarse.blogspot.com/ for the heads up on this interview with Francois Chau in which he discusses his character and return. ΓÇ£Some Like It HothΓÇ¥ must have been particularly fun for you.It was great working with Ken and Jorge. Those guys are a blast. Your character also had a little more of a sense

Zuleikha Robinson Interview

Bandar Ceme OnlineThanks to Judy for the heads up. In a clip for tonight’s Richard AlpertΓÇôthemed episode, “Ab Aeterno,” we finally learn the favor that Jacob asks of Ilana in the hospital: to protect the candidates. Of all the candidates, why Sayid? He seems the most tricky.Yeah, I don’t really know. All I can say

Q&A With ‘Lost’ ‘S Jorge Garcia

Thanks to thedemonhog for the heads up. For fans of ABC’s ‘Lost’, the upcoming simpulan season has its pluses and minuses. Unraveling the island’s many mysteries is an obvious plus. Having a finite number of new episodes to watch is definitely a minus. And most of the show’s cast feels similarly. In correspondent Alan Frutkin’s

Episode 6.01/6.02 – La X – Small Snippet

Update: 19:00 Thanks again to TJ for the Audio. You can follow him here @TJButler Source: WMMR Thanks to TJ for the following. One of our local radio stations morning show, Preston & Steve on 93.3FM WMMR, had an interview with Terry OΓÇÖQuinn this morning (should be able to download on www.prestonandsteve.com later this morning).

Short Interview With Josh And Evi

Thanks to Julia for the heads up. Not very spoilery. The countdown to the akibat season of Lost continues on OnTheRedCarpet.com, and we have your all-access pass to the stars of the hit show leading up to the season 6 premiere Tuesday. Check out what actors Josh Holloway and Evangeline Lilly, aka “Sawyer” and “Kate,”