Ign Article With Damon And Carlton – 30Th Jan

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Q: Regarding the footage that was leaked today, were you shocked it got out there, or was it that this was the right time for people to see those first few minutes?

Lindelof: [Chuckles] I mean, they were on a flash drive in a bottle that ABC sent out, so it’s one thing to call it a leak and it’s another thing to reach over and turn on the faucet. They’ve been great. When Carlton and I basically said, “We don’t want any material from the tamat season to get out in advance of the premiere,” they were enormously willing to play ball. But when we said we wanted to do sunset on the beach in Hawaii, and that we’d be showing the first hour of the show on Saturday, it didn’t seem fair to the people who weren’t actually going to be here to give them nothing. So this is the compromise we came up with.

Cuse: We didn’t want, basically, stuff to become stale. So we felt like three or four days ahead of the premiere, for there to be some hint as to what’s going to happen in Season 6 is exciting for the audience, as opposed to if they’d been pounded for four months with images of Season 6. It wouldn’t be so fun.

Q: It seems that Faraday was right and everything seems to be back on track, as if 815 never crashed. But you couldn’t help notice that Jack sensed somethingΓǪ

Cuse: Well you know, that’s what’s cool about it.

Lindelof: And Cindy [the flight attendant] only gave Jack one bottle this time around.

Cuse: So I think you have to figure that we’re up to something more than a literal recreation of what happened in the pilot, and we are.

Lindelof: You’ll know a lot more in 24 hours than you do now, that’s for sure.

Q: Are we going to learn more about why Richard doesn’t age soon?

Cuse: Yes you will. You will definitely learn more about Richard Alpert this season. Now, whether it’s enough for you to be satisfied, that’ll be up to you. But we’re definitely going to explain more about him.

Lindelof: We’ve been coming up against what we call the chicken and the egg conundrum, which is every time we answer a question, there’s two questions left in its wake. So we have to decide where we draw the line. So if the question is, “Are we going to learn more about Richard? Are we going to see his origin story?”, the answer is, we would be remiss if we were not to present that. But if we were to say, “Are we going to definitively answer all these mysteries regarding Richard?”, it’s literally impossible to do.

Q: Are there teams supporting Jacob and the Man in Black? And what should we call that guy, by the way?

Cuse: The Man in Black.

Lindelof: Call him the Man in Black.

Q: Are there teams? Are there people that are going to take sides this season?

Cuse: People are going to take sides, but that doesn’t mean they’re not going to switch sides later on. It’s a little bit like baseball pre-season. You’re on a team, but there’s a lot of trading going on.

Lindelof: I think one thing to keep in mind though is that just because one guy wears white and the other guy wears black, don’t make immediate judgments over who’s good and who’s evil. Jacob has kind of put our guys through the wringer in a lot of ways, so it might be interesting to see what the Man in Black has to say for himself.

Source: IGN