Francois Chau Interview

Bandar CemeThanks to for the heads up on this interview with Francois Chau in which he discusses his character and return.

ΓÇ£Some Like It HothΓÇ¥ must have been particularly fun for you.
It was great working with Ken and Jorge. Those guys are a blast.

Your character also had a little more of a sense of humor in that episode. He was still kind of an asshole, but he was a little more playful.
Yeah, there was a little glimpse in there, but the rest of the time he was still running around ordering people around, yelling at people and was pretty much the Dr. Chang weΓÇÖve come to know and love.

Will we be seeing more of your character this season? Will we find out about the different names and what happened to him after ΓÇ£The IncidentΓÇ¥? Will that be paid off or do you even know at this point?
I have no idea. If youΓÇÖve been watching this season, they have the parallel universe storyline going on where the plane landed and they never got to the island. IΓÇÖve been watching it and one of the fun things is they are putting in either one scene or little cameos with all of these old characters that died or whatever and put them into the parallel season as different ΓÇô well, I guess the same character, but in a different setting. TheyΓÇÖre not the same character they were before and they do different things. I watched last week where the character of Keamy, the bad guy from season four who was on the freighter, showed up as a gangster or something. So I think they are doing that with a whole bunch of characters. And I do make an appearance coming up in I think episode 10 for a little bit. But other than that, IΓÇÖm not sure.

In episode 10, you show up in the parallel universe?

If you are not on the island, it could be really interesting to see how things play out with you and Miles.
I was hoping that they would do something because they had set up this whole thing with Miles being his son and all that stuff that they would do something to kind of close it up, but IΓÇÖm not sure. They have so many things to put a ribbon on. IΓÇÖm not sure if theyΓÇÖll get to everything. But hopefully.

We still have questions about your character, so we hope they find the time to explore your character more.
I have questions too. I would love to know about the different characters, different names and stuff. Maybe theyΓÇÖll come up with something to satisfy us all.

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