Espn Radio Ad

Update: 29th Jan A big thanks to DarkUFO reader Chris for the following.

I started listening to ESPN radio in order to catch the LOST ad people have talked about hearing and my patience paid off. They aired it. I recorded it in the very low tech way of putting a mic to my PC speaker and using windows pound recorder, so the quality isn’t top notch. Nevertheless here’s the file. I can see why people have been having a hard time figuring out who the second voice is because it’s kind of a whisper. Sounds like Sawyer to me.
Source: Chris@DarkUFO

Thanks to DarkUFO reader Jonah for the following. Also thanks to mg7810 for reporting a similar item here.

There is a promo for lost running on and at the end of it, it has Locke’s voice talking to someone and he says (My wording might be a little off),

Locke : “What If I could answer for you the only question that matters?”
???? : “What question is that?” Someone, not sure who it is
Locke : “Why are you on this Island?”

Just thought I’d let you know in case it hadn’t been reported yet
Source: DarkUFO