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Latest From Kristin – March 24Th

Bandar Ceme OnlineMore Four-Play: Just what you wanted (no?) a new four letter word that will be revealed in two weeks which is very important. If you want to play along, here goes: This word has no A’s, one E, and as of episode 11 it will be clear that this four-letter word is what

Who Are Adam And Eve?

Menang CemeUpdate: 24th March As promised my contact has removed not just 3 but 5 options from the poll. The top 2 most popular choices that you selected were wrong, and also it’s not Tom and Jerry :). We have also removed the “Will not be revealed” option. So with those options removed, who do

Secrets From The Set

Thanks to Iceman, Flyer and John for the heads up. 1. Under Pressure: 螕脟拢I don螕脟脰t think 螕脟每panic螕脟脰 is the right word,螕脟楼 says Damon Lindelof of co-writing the highly anticipated premiere with fellow executive producer Carlton Cuse, 螕脟拢but it was like, 螕脟每How do we do this?螕脟脰螕脟楼 The producers have said that time traveling through the 螕脟脰70s

Nestor Carbonell On The Finale

Menang CemeNo real actual spoilers but some general impressions. That tamat scene with Richard and Isabella is one of the most devastatingly beautiful moments we螕脟脰ve ever seen on Lost. Is there any chance they could somehow end up together?Without giving too much away, I can tell you that as soon as I read that script

Ndsu Grad Mum On 螕脟每Lost螕脟脰

Thanks to Matthew for the heads up. It must be frightening to be a part of 螕脟拢Lost.螕脟楼Because when you talk to anyone who螕脟脰s even remotely involved with the cultish TV show, they shut down a bit and find hesitation with any topic pertaining to 螕脟拢Lost.螕脟楼 I get the sense you螕脟脰d have an easier time getting