Month: November 2018

Lost Sweepstakes – Scene Description

Update: Thanks to sl-lost for these photos. Thanks a lot to thatlostgirl for this description of the sweepstakes scene. In case you haven’t heard from anyone else yet – I got the sweepstakes prize today and watched it – it’s only about 2 mintues long but it’s exciting! It’s a replay of the scene on

Ew Podcast Summary

Bandar Ceme OnlineThanks very much to Peewee for the summary from the EW Podcast with Damon. – Possibility of more “storms” will be happening. Storm is a metaphor– ‘The Package’ is related to Sun/Jin sideways– Carlton said Kate’s horse wasn’t MIB after Damon joked about it.– They confirmed there were other people before Richard, hence

Short Interview With Josh And Evi

Thanks to Julia for the heads up. Not very spoilery. The countdown to the akibat season of Lost continues on, and we have your all-access pass to the stars of the hit show leading up to the season 6 premiere Tuesday. Check out what actors Josh Holloway and Evangeline Lilly, aka “Sawyer” and “Kate,”