Francois Chau Interview

Bandar CemeThanks to for the heads up on this interview with Francois Chau in which he discusses his character and return. ΓÇ£Some Like It HothΓÇ¥ must have been particularly fun for you.It was great working with Ken and Jorge. Those guys are a blast. Your character also had a little more of a sense

Latest From Ryan – Podcast March 21St

Bandar Ceme OnlineThanks to Judy for the heads up on Ryan’s new podcast. The spoiler part starts at 1:10:41. NOTE: This may contain filming reports from 6.16 onwards Direct Download Thanks to Drieakko for the summary. Highlights: – Jacob has the beaten MIB in a headlock and drags him through the jungle, both clad in

Bts Set Photo – 19Th March

Menang CemeThanks to Flyer for the heads up and to Franci for the photo. Not very spoilerly lol. Hopefully we’ll get some more soon that show us some filming. We’ve removed the photos as I believe it shows an actors cars number plate so to avoid any privacy issues we’ve decided to remove it. We

Latest Tidbits From Kristin – March 22Nd

Bandar Ceme OnlineFor those that do not know, the Desmond Centric is Episode 6×11, the 4-letter word is “CORK” and my guess if it is a major “he” character returning that has not been announced I will say Walt. BTW totally sucks about Eko. What do you all think? Here is her post: David Park:

Set Photos – 22Nd March

Menang CemeThanks to DarkUFO readers James & Michelle and tour guide Matt for sending this through. we did see them filming an external scene at Diamond Head. It appeared to be a stunt double of Sayid looking down the well that lead Locke to the frozen donkey wheel.

Zuleikha Robinson Interview

Bandar Ceme OnlineThanks to Judy for the heads up. In a clip for tonight’s Richard AlpertΓÇôthemed episode, “Ab Aeterno,” we finally learn the favor that Jacob asks of Ilana in the hospital: to protect the candidates. Of all the candidates, why Sayid? He seems the most tricky.Yeah, I don’t really know. All I can say